Your Costs

Ask yourself this question: "What will it cost me if my health will not improve?"

Average expenses of medicines and medical aid: 13% per income

Average visit to doctor/GP: $40 - 60 for a consultation only, no healing

Average cost MRI Scan/X-Ray: $160 - 480 for one scan, no healing

Average fees additional therapy/counselling: $60 - 150 per hour, long-term process

Even more important is to ask yourself:

"What will my life look like when my health improves?"

"What is a healthy body, mind and spirit worth to me?"

"What is my life worth to my loved ones?"

"What will it cost my community if I cannot contribute (anymore)?"

What will your answer be: $10,000, 100,000, 1000,000? Most likely you will say that your health is priceless! And you're right!

All your steps and efforts toward better health will help and complement each other: a visit to your doctor is always a good start, seeking additional aid is wise too, watching your daily diet and exercising will benefit your health as well.

How would you feel if your healing is natural, practical, effective, following your body's intelligence? Quantum-Touch, Reiki and PEAT are great additional healing tools to get your health back on track. It can be applied as a preventive, immediate or post-healing treatment for physical, emotional and spiritual issues.

When you postpone your healing, you are in fact postponing your life. You have more to lose by not taking action: you know what the real costs are!

Our Fees

Canberra Healing offers standard fees (GST inclusive) for all individual services and discount fees for packages

Individual session Quantum-Touch, PEAT or Reiki of approx. 60 minutes: $90.00.

Multiple sessions booked and paid in advance: 3 sessions for $235.00 (save $35.00); 4 sessions for $315.00 (save $45.00); 5 sessions for $395.00 (save $55.00).

Quick follow-up sessions of maximum 30 minutes (ideal if you do not have much time or to increase the frequency of sessions): $50.00. Book and pay 4 quick sessions in advance for $180.00 (save $20.00).

Students & Concession: $65.00.

The first session will be preceded by an intake to discuss your health issues and to answer your questions

The number and length of sessions vary as each person has different needs, preferences and experiences. The first session with the intake and introduction lasts approx. 1 hour. On average follow-up sessions take 30 up to 45 minutes and most clients book between 1 to 4 sessions. Your follow-up sessions can also be quick sessions of maximum 30 minutes for $50.00.

Learn Quantum-Touch yourself!

Attend our 2-day workshop to learn to heal yourself and others: $380.00 workshop registration fee, check our agenda for the next workshop

Not sure what healing is best for you?

Book yourself a taster session or an introductory package:

Taster session of 20 minutes of Quantum-Touch, Reiki or PEAT: $35.00

Introductory package of 3 individual sessions to be booked on 3 different days: 1 Quantum-Touch, 1 PEAT, 1 Reiki healing of 45 - 60 minutes each: $235.00

Companies are requested to contact Canberra Healing by email or phone to discuss tailor-made demonstrations, taster sessions or health packages for their staff

Travel fees

If you prefer that we visit you on location instead of having a session at our practice, an additional fee of $1 p/km applies + toll/parking costs (if applicable)

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